“Nicole’s performances at Wine Kitchen have added a quality and talent to the atmosphere of our establishment that is valuable and unique. She is a true professional with material that is moving and original.  I would highly recommend working with Nicole anytime that an exceptional musical performance is required.” – Payson Van Orden, Manager/Music Coordinator, The Wine Kitchen



Booking Information:

If you are interested in booking Nicole for a performance at your venue, please use the contact form to send some information in an email message or call 260-868-7421.


Press and Promo:

If you’re looking for articles written about Nicole, please visit the Press page.

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Stage Plot:

For a stage plot (if Nicole is performing a solo show with a provided sound system), please click here.


For all other inquiries, please send an email to:  booking@nicolebelanus.com.


What others are saying about Nicole…

“I love Nicole’s music. I love the melodies, the theology and the poetry. I love her way of sharing it and inviting others into it. I love her calm, positive and fun way of being, even under deadlines. I love her support of other musicians and the people around her. In short, I recommend her highly—both to listen to and to work with.”David LaMotte, Musician, Author of “World Changing 101” 

“A new star shines in the DC area! Pay attention please…” – Ron Goad, Songwriters’ Association of Washington

“Right from the start I could feel the Spirit in the room. It felt like a worship service.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness and depth.” – Comment from a workshop attendee